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Harness the power of your thoughts- Once you learn to do it, that’s it!!

One of the biggest gifts is within our reach. To achieve it, all we have to is to open our mental eyes and behold the treasure house within us. Imagine to not fulfilling the potential of our own mind, it’s like spending a quarter of your life craving for something, only to realize that it was always been with you, in a package that we did not care to open. Such is the power of your mind, which holds with it all the possibilities one can imagine.

Many people are closed off to their own potential because they do not know this storehouse of infinite intelligence within them. Whatever you want, you can draw it forth. It just requires getting a singular focus of what you intend to do with that fearsome power, once unleashed.

Mark twain on many occasions has confided to the world that he never worked in his life. All his great writings and humor were his ability to tap the boundless reservoir of his own mind.

At the age of 14, self-help guru and guide Dr. Wayne Dyer, affirmed himself that he would be on Steve Allen’s “The tonight show” one day. Two decades later, when he actually was, he realized how he created that moment for himself with the “powerful knowing” he had in his teen. It wasn’t a dream or something he wished for, it was a definite intention he was aware of, which created the future moment for him. He believed that by living this “future moment”, he activated the dormant forces that transformed his dream to reality.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, developmental Biologist, explains the phenomena, he states that with the help of our beliefs, we can manipulate the way cells read our genes and DNA. The mind’s function is to create coherence between dreams and reality. If we believe something positive or negative, the mind creates that reality for us.

Interestingly, most people do not realize that the mind can only think thoughts we allow it to. Thoughts are a powerful tool that travel within to our subconscious levels and influence our behavior. The real challenge lies in unravelling the gift of mind and then harnessing the force, thus unleashed. Constantly plant positive thoughts and weed out the unwanted and negative stuff, breathe easy and It’s not going to take long to realize how easy this is to practice.

This always works for me. Try it out: When upset, identify the cause and tell your mind to put off thinking about the issue for some time. Meanwhile indulge in happy thoughts in a disciplined manner, rooting out negativity from your mind. By the time you get to refocus on your problem, your mind will be a happier place, and the issue, less threatening. Do Not demand things or force it to happen, this only create conflicts with your mind. Natural sincerity, gentleness and supportiveness are the best ways to ensure that our mind bridges the gap between our thoughts and reality.

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Who is your best teacher? Mine is Travel…

IMG-20160714-WA0005There is no discounting that you learn some of the most important skills in the classroom but the lessons you learn about life when you leave your comfort zone and step into the unknown are incomparable. Travel teaches you some of the best lessons of life.

Trust your intuition

If you travel on your own (by not opting for no-sweat group tours that have everything planned for you), you are likely to tackle situations where you have to make a choice or a decision immediately. No amount of research or preparedness can come to your rescue. But on the bright side, discovering things on your own, like what’s the cheapest way to get from Point A to point B, how much you should trust your instinct when talking to a stranger, how much to spend each day etc. all go a long way to smarten you up. When you are in another country all together, you feel less judged and more courageous too.

You don’t have to shell out a bomb to travel

Yes, anybody can travel. If you decide to religiously save a certain amount from your paycheck, you can easily save a good amount for a good trip. And a trip doesn’t mean that you have to book a ridiculously expensive hotel. You can stay with a local or a decent accommodation, work along the way, eat simple food, take public transport etc. and stick to your budget. There are many simple tricks to minimize your spending.

Accept, Accept and Accept

Don’t you like making plans and hope life turns out exactly that way? When you are travelling around the world, things often go wrong, but you have to keep calm, be flexible and learn to roll with the punches. In hindsight, unexpected events teaches you acceptance. Travel is the best way to expose you to uncertainty.

Age is just a number

You are never too old to love your travelling and backpacking dreams. When you hit your 60s or 70s, you are often in a better financial position and can travel stress-free.

All Things Romantic

Every single time I have traveled, I have discovered romance in me. It has nothing to do with falling in love with a person. It is about discovering and romancing a whole new side of you that you have just discovered. As a tourist, you enjoy the beauty of simple, everyday life. You become aware of the wonderful things nature has to offer.

The world isn’t a bad place to live in

While it is important to take basic precautions while travelling, but you learn to trust people and your faith in humanity increases. Travel helps you get rid of race, religion and cultural stereotypes. When you travel, you realize that people, all over the world, are not very different- though they may do things differently.

Your management skills improve

Planning a travel is like a crash course in better management. Whether you are planning a trip with friends or going solo, a lot of planning and coordination are required starting to take an approval from your boss for that week off ( :P)  to book your tickets, find the best budgeted places to stay etc.

Reasons travel is better than ever before

Good Roads:

The betterment of roads and infrastructure, with every passing year, is a sign of global prosperity. The biggest plus point? Now, there are actually roads to places that were inaccessible. This means there are many more holidaying spots than ever before.

The miracle called ‘Mapping’

On my recent visit to Sikkim, fortunately with mapping applications and GPS, We could explore more than what was planned. It is possible to know the right route in few seconds.

More choice, information

With so many more airlines, routes, destinations, flight times and connecting cities to choose from, you can easily escape the most heavily-trafficked airports while actually getting closer to your preferred destination. Moreover, you can find the cheapest hotel to stay in, the nearest gas station, shopping areas around your location, weather conditions, currency exchange rate- all of this and much more in a jiffy. This has brought a massive change in attitude. People are more confident of travel today.

So materialize that travel plan that has been in your bucket list for long… 🙂






Next time order your coffee like a LOCAL….


Have you ever got those stares while ordering your favorite cup of coffee? An espresso please!” or “a latte please” isn’t always the ideal way to order coffee at an unfamiliar place. What you might end up getting is nothing more than a cup of steamed milk! Coffee is prepared and drunk differently across the world, and orderly your morning cuppa without knowing the lingo can be tricky.


Coffee was introduced to India in the 16th century by a holyman named Baba Budan. He discovered the joy of the drink while on a pilgrimage to Mecca and smuggled around seven beans back home.



A famous Turkish proverb says, “Coffee should be as black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love”. And that’s how they like it, with grounds settling at the bottom of the cup. Their brew is thick and usually served after meals from a long-handled copper pot called a cezve, alongside chewy Turkish candy. Locals prefer their cup of Turk Kahvesi sugar free, but if you are a first timer, even if you are a perpetual coffee lover, have it with sugar to make its powerful flavor palatable.

Better to enjoy it rather than to abide to the taste of real coffee…. 🙂


Why won’t Brazilians love their brews? After all, they are the largest producers of coffee in the world; Brazil produces around 40 percent of the world’s coffee. In fact, even nursery kids are offered milky coffee, along with caffeinated iced tea on a daily basis.

The Brazilian favorite is cafezinho- a strong, dark and sweet filtered coffee served in a small cup of china or plastic, normally pre-sugared. If you wish to sample a shot of cafezinho, look out for petrol pumps and small restaurants (places where you eat a pre-fixed meal) that offer the brew free of charge. It’s their way of showing hospitality.


If you think ordering coffee in a French café or bar will be same as ordering one back home, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. The French look at their cup as a palate as a cleanser rather than an energizer. They begin their with café-au-lait- a simple coffee with steamed milk, often served in a mug or pot, wide enough to allow the dunking of baguettes, croissants and other light, sweet bites.

French coffee is not meant to be consumed on the street, so there is no takeaway. But if you are in a hurry, drink you café-au-lait standing at the bar, instead of sitting at the table. You will not only have a chance to strike a fun conversation with the locals, but also end up saving some money. French cafes have different pricing: Bar, indoor table and outdoor table.


Italy would grind to a halt without coffee. Espresso is Italy’s classic brew. This strong drink is served tiny cups and commonly sipped while standing at cafes (often known as bars). Do not sit unless you have a real strong reason to do so; Italian cafes charge around 20-25% more to sit at a table with waiter service. A few no-nos when ordering coffee in Italy:

  1. Never use the word “espresso” when ordering one- this is a technical term in Italy, not an everyday one. Just ask for an un caffe.
  2. Never ask for a cappuccino or latte post 11 am; Italians will think you are weird, they believe too much milk unsettles your stomach after food.
  3. Never ask for Latte, you will just get a glass of milk, ask for “Latte macchiato” (milk “marked” with espresso)


Coffee meets cocktail with this after-drink. Irish coffee includes hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and crowd-pleasing whipped cream topping. Irish coffee was invented in 1942 to cheer up passengers after they were disembarked from a Pam Am flying boat due to bad weather. Head chef Joe Sheridan thought of adding whiskey to the coffee to warm up the American tourists on a cold winter’s night, and his drink remains popular even today.


Considered by many connoisseurs to be one of the world’s finest, rarest and most expensive of all coffees, it is grown in the fog shrouded Blue Mountains of Jamaica. It is admired for its delicate balance of floral aroma, acidity and full body. However, it is the sweet, mellow, lingering finish that elevates this coffee above all others.

Know the coffee culture around the world to make sure you get your much needed caffeine fix, no matter where you are.





Are we qualified to criticize others?

A strange culture of criticism pervades life these days, where everyone is a critic- setting sights on errors and indiscretions, more on achievements and triumphs. Today, with social media, self-appointed critics deluge you with opinions and ratings. Everyone has a view on where PM Narendra Modi is going wrong and what his next step should be. A minister just has to open his mouth before media pounces and makes it a matter of national debate, involving wilting insults and shattering downers. With eyes trained on indiscretions, we ignore the achievements and recognition. Have we become a nation of critics? Has the habit of condemnation and faultfinding is now a pastime, if yes, we need to sound the danger bells.

Today, people love having an opinion, preferably negative. And so, slowly the limelight has shifted from proud moments to a side of criticism and stereotypes. We have come to the stage of “good news” is “No news”. Criticism and pulling down others to feel good about you is a sign of low self-esteem.

Everyone has an opinion and that is fine- but people get judgmental and sometimes cruelly so. Some people are so critical all the time that it becomes difficult to discuss anything with them. Their first response is negative- a sure way to discourage others from coming to you with ideas. Are you sure you are not one of them? Most such negative souls are unaware of this trait and claim they criticize because they are honest and they care. 🙂

Everyone wants a success story. Some get theirs by working hard; some by pulling down others and so seemingly taller. However, those who are truly superior do not need to prove anything by pulling down others.  Leaving aside the importance of constructive criticism, it helps us grow as a part of learning curve.

Today, we have become people waiting to pounce and denounce on social media. Each one is a potential journalist or sleuth, waiting to be propelled to fame with the latest muck to hit the ceiling, hoping for a post that goes viral. And this attitude then spills over into real life. A critical eye knows no limits.

Experience tells us that positive strokes work far better than ridicule. We have the power to make or break people through exposes. But we also still retain the power to motivate and galvanize the good amongst us. And in order to indulge in one, we must not forget the other!

When we criticize, let us also stay attuned to the good in those we deride. As my previous boss/mentor (Srikanth Sir, hope you are reading this…:))  said to me one day, “Whenever, anyone comes to me with a complaint, I insist on first hearing something good about the person they wish to criticize, for everyone must have some good in them too.” And I left with a smile.


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Let’s explore the Latest food fads….

How about poutine for starters? Poutine is a Canadian import, and in its purest form, chips, gravy and cheese curds.


Shakshuka for breakfast? Shakshuka may be at the apex of eggs-for-dinner recipes, In Israel it is a breakfast food, a bright, spicy start to the day, a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions with pita or bread served on the side. shakshuka-superJumbo-v2







Or should you go Global or local, with the menu? Here are some ideas from my personal experience.  Today, the powers of the culinary endeavors are the latest fad. As pottering around the pots and pans becomes increasingly fashionable, let’s take a look at the food trends that are jazzing up out there.

Go Fresh

Use of vital ingredients play a vital role. People like to get served the most exotic varieties  of fresh food, and if it hand-picked basil, oregano or asparagus, grown at the kitchen window sills in the swankiest of the pots, people will envy you.  I did, when I saw at a friend’s place. So go ahead and appreciate them for their efforts. It is not easy. 🙂 veggratin restaurant-food-presentation-ideas-vertical







Flavorful Punch Did you experience that punch in your mocktail the last time? The trend now is to serve some of the most unusual and exotic flavors in different formats. Fresh fruit juice is now preserved with apple cider vinegar and for the flavor, some sugar is added. My friend who relishes seafood loved the pan-fried scallops, served in white wine with lemon. Unusual flavors make the menu more interesting.








The Visual appeal

Presentation is the key to a meal’s success. Were you bowled over the presentation of your favorite meal? Along with preparing unusual delicacies, people are keen to serve them in style. Did you dig into your rice and chicken in a pineapple base? Or your favorite maggi struggling to come out of a cutlet?  There are restaurants that are serving their entire menu- in an extremely stylish manner to create that extra delight to the entire dining experience. The presentation that takes guests by surprise is the hero of that particular rendezvous. 🙂

Maggi Cutlets cake 10-best-party-snacks-9_625x350_61438343990 rice and chicken

Elegance rules

Whether it is quirky fusion cuisine or a classic, simple menu, elan of your culinary expressions still rules supreme at a gathering. Be creative, be elegant. 🙂

FOR:COIMBATORE 16/05/2012: Asian cuisine at the Ponzu restaurant at Le Meridien, Coimbatore Photo:HANDOUT_E_MAIL.

cake 1


When in dilemma, Go local

Food trends keep changing but one thing that never fails to impact the foodie’s palate is the timeless appeal of the classic local cuisine. That appeal of rajma chawal, kadhi chwal, biryani still makes people drool as much as a perfectly-assembled sushi platter. The real magic lies in serving traditional delicacies in an avant-garde manner.

Biryani Rajma-Chawal


I am hungry after writing this. Go grab those delicacies served in style. 🙂

Photo courtesy:

Richa Kataria

Saurabh Kumar

Mahima Bhatia 


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The Power of Eureka!!!

DSC_0422 DSCN8563 IMG_2152

What best brings out your wild, gypsy side? Being in touch with your deeply passionate, creative side imparts a touch of magic to an ordinary life.  Weave in “Wow” moments on a daily basis by not leaving your happiness to chance.

We all have a gypsy within us, which is unleashed in the company of good music, romantic full moon lights, crackling bonfires, a walk in the hills, delectable food, cooking for your loved ones and off-course-the right company. It is then the blood surges through the veins in a musical symphony and we sway to the song of the soul.

Do you recognize this feeling? There are times all of us feel the power of the life force within us, Creative urges flow best, our senses are heightened and all faculties sharpened. It is then that everything else is incidental and life becomes a seducing one to walk a bit on the wild side. It is then that you may sing in abandon, walk with a delicious swagger or dance with the wild.

Each one of us has that in us, the wild one who preps out at times but is quickly shattered, reined in by societal norms and recriminations. But in that instant, you have been introduced to your raw, natural and powerful side, which is the wellspring of passion and creativity.

It will be worthwhile to consider what brings out your wild, raw side. Is it cajoled out by music? By the heaving emotions aroused by the monsoon? The high induced by alcohol? The sensations aroused by romance? Fragrance of a flower? Or just the presence of that special person? Whatever it is, cherish the source, because it allows you an opportunity to meet your own self, deep down as you are…

Everyday Serendipity

Today we don’t need life-changing discoveries. Finding personal inspirations to discover the self is a Eureka moment. The key is repetition. Take time every day to repeat some happy moments. You meet your Eureka moments by doing new things and indulge in the unknowable essence that exists. My Eureka moment could be having a hot steaming cup of my favorite coffee. Sometime, when I’m overwhelmed, I focus just 10 minutes on tidying my messy handbag/drawer. I know it sounds silly, but that’s when I get great insights. 🙂

Savor moments, be it small or big. Sometimes, vising Nature in all her wilderness, the midst of unimagined natural beauty, have you not experienced total awe and a kind of magical wonder? When you throb with the beauty of the experience, you get to understand your own unique strength and creativity.

The life answers or intuitions you get while enjoying little things will further expand your life path. These moments redirect your life compass and prompt you to make small or big changes in your life, which may help you mend broken relationships, motivate you to find a new job, get a professional high in your existing job or find a new hobby…. The list is endless.

Regain your life. There are times when you find yourself stuck in a cycle of doom. It’s okay to give time to yourself, break down if that gives you peace but Instead of giving up, you must take charge of your happiness all over again.

Create joy on a regular basis. Unleash that inner “Eureka” moment. That should be the mantra for the days/months and years to come. Cheers!!!


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To build a nation where the mind is without fear… Without Casteism and stereotypes…

A meritocracy holds that if you work hard enough, you can succeed in life, regardless of race, religion, gender or social status. But despite concrete efforts to downplay class as a forecaster for intelligence and achievement, many people still believe their destiny is tied to their station in life. Do they really believe or are made to believe?

“When you are in Rome, behave like romans”. You need to respect a country’s culture but what if the culture is having a negative impact on its image. During a recent visit to India, we had a candid chat with our colleagues from US and the inevitable and predictable question of caste and stereotype always popped up. They find it so fascinating that it had to be a part of the conversation.

Is bindi a mark of caste? How can you identify someone from a lower caste? Why do you have a caste system? How does it work, etc.? Is “general” category people superior than SC/ST/OBC? Does birth decide the deeds? Then comes the stereotypes. All Tamilians are obsessed with Engineering and Mathematics? All Tamilians can’t speak (or refuse to speak) Hindi because it is injurious to their rather fragile pride? Are Baniyas miser? Are Punjabis loud and a show-off community? All Biharis are unsophisticated and selfish people? Sikhs are short-tempered?

Their never-ending questions full with curiosity made me realize that “Indian” culture is quite famous outside and how typical we still are even in 21st century? 🙂

So accordingly, the caste system was made in India. It was a good arrangement for those days. It is just that over a period of time, one become a brahmin by birth not by worth; that is when the trouble started. That is so with every system. Whatever system we create, we must constantly work to keep it clean and make it happen well otherwise every system, no matter how beautiful the system is to start with, can become a source of exploitation.

Over a period of time, societies have tried to make every difference into a discrimination. Differences are fine. The world is bound to be different and it is nice that it is different, but we try to make every difference into discrimination, whether it is race, religion or gender. So when we lost our senses and started making everything prejudiced, the Indian caste system became an ugly system. What was once a very relevant way to develop skills in a society has unfortunately became discriminatory and negative, not productive.

We make every difference discriminatory simply because every human being is longing to be a little more than what he is right now. One unfortunate way he has found is to put down the person next to him. But we have worked like that for a long time and we are continuing to work like that. It is time to change it. A person’s worth is determined by his knowledge and capacity and the inherent qualities which mark his conduct in life.

The four fold division of castes’ in the Bhagavad Gita was created according to the apportionment of qualities and duties, not birth, not sacrament but righteous conduct alone. This sacred book says “Be he a Sudra or a member of any other class, says the Lord in the same epic, “he that serves as a raft on a raftless current, or helps to ford the unfordable, deserves respect in every-way.”

India is a great country and will always remain. Let’s build a better society and let my global colleagues and the world see and believe that Modern India is simply regurgitating the past inequalities. Brahmins are no longer pundits but Supreme Court judges, Governors and diplomats. Vaishyas are no longer baniyas with a dhoti but CEOs with a tie and a suit.

A recent statement by a couple in their late 80’s of today’s India: They told me: Nidhi, you will witness a beautiful society where “Caste or varna will not matter, the “inside” still and will count more.” Be a good human being and the problem is solved. I could not stop smiling. 🙂


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“Thank You” for shaping my dream

945250_1032159470183488_1745992338618823620_n12088213_952246334841469_225329299215642891_n 12122513_952137074852395_3406218156125264139_n

Think about the people who have made a meaningful difference in your career. Was it a professor who encouraged you to dream big? Or a boss who cleared obstacles so you could get to the next level? Maybe it was someone you barely knew who shared a piece of advice at exactly the right time?

I have been fortunate to have had many mentors, and the reason I have my “RedCandy” ready and running is Mohit Pawar (Mohit Sir…:)). He made me feel smarter than I thought I was – and stretched me to take on new challenges. For those of us whose lives have been shaped by mentors, we know how important these mentoring relationships can be.

I first met him in 2011 at a WordPress conference and from there this dream of writing took birth. I never thought I would be doing this and now 5 years later, I feel so glad and confident to achieve this milestone.

An entrepreneur, blogger, Digital marketing expert, author of India Startup Guide and The Digital Marketing Handbook, an amazing boss (His team would definitely agree) and an incredible human being, I am lucky to share the best combination with him- A mentor and a friend.

My “Digital Marketing” learning started 1.5 years back and under his wing the time seems to have passed in a flash. I was a reckless student who was always inconsiderate on the demands of his time and the limitations of his availability. A mail written to him at 2:00 AM always had its revert at 5:00 AM. I used to ask, sir when do you sleep? I didn’t realize how busy the life of a writer/entrepreneur/ author could be and the best part was that he never made me realize too… 🙂

Our meetings with his never-ending positive talks and feedback (Over coffee and molten chocolate cakes 🙂 ) always boosted my confidence and encouraged me to develop as a professional and an expert in my field. He encouraged my secret writing ambitions, secret because I didn’t know myself that I have such a dream.

Even on receiving a useless submission from my end, his gentle and reassuring suggestions to make it better cheered me to just keep continuing, making that assignment a ladder to climb the next level. His belief and assurance is the reason I kept going.

The endless discussions, chatting, emails, brainstorming and all the hard work with getting this going and where I am today, it feels beautiful to express my gratitude to him.

The simple act of just being so considerate to someone else’s dream can make a world of difference. Mentoring can change a life. I know. My mentor changed mine.

I feel glad with all the mentoring and guidance I have received, and I know I’m not done learning yet. The list will continue to grow through the years. What does your list look like?

Find an opportunity to thank your mentors for what they have meant to you. Tell your mentors what impact they have had on you.

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Go, get a life Mom!!!

IMG-20140511-WA0002From a disciplinarian to a guru and a friend and YES a MOM- a mother’s journey is a fascinating tale of evolution.

From her first visit in the early morning to your room to just make sure that you get an extra hour of sleep really well to the last goodnight hug, a mom does it all without demand of a break. 🙂

It makes me feel so proud today to see myself as a confident young woman just as I would say a reflection of my mom, which I have always found besides me as I grew and flourished through the years and much more to come. This moment has also brought back memories of all the lessons I learnt along the way through her. I realize that most of these were actually learnt in my childhood, mostly through examples set by my parents. The values that they instilled in my formative years gave me the foundation on which I try to live my life even today. Our parents are possibly the first adults, who we wish to emulate. We want to dress like our mothers, deal with people like our fathers and have a relationship like theirs. We grow up looking for a man who can stand tall with our father. And that is why we need parents who are strong, rooted and loving, all rolled into one. I was lucky enough to have a childhood and still today, which gave me all that. While my father did all that he could to raise us as responsible and sorted adults, my mother, a working mother, added value to the job.

Growing up with a mom who works meant a lot of things to be learnt right in the childhood. While a working mother meant less family time, we learned to make the most of the things and live in the moment.

It was always so good to see my family that supported a woman to adopt a profession that is driven by her own inner-compulsions- a need to seek fulfillment.

The core of every mom will always remain the same but no longer does a woman’s world revolve around just home and family. In seeking the best for her child in a competitive world that throws up numerous choices, she steps into new territories. Armed with confidence, she not only nurtures her kids better, but also gets on in her individual journey satisfactorily. Along with the rest of the world, mothers too have discovered their individuality and seek ways to enhance it. Today, the mothers have kept an open mind to the learning process; the mother-child duo has grown into a strong unit, the most beautiful relationship in the world. A mother’s natural emotional bonding and maternal instincts have kept her closely linked to the changing needs and preferences of the New-age child. It is when the mother is still rooted deeply in her role as a homemaker; it is on us to make build her own parallel journey- discovering, understanding and finding herself. As she learns and becomes the repository of new information, she would carry that rare mix of knowledge and learning that as a conduit for her role as a mother, it will passed on to you tempered with caution and grounding that will be cherished for life. Mom, it is all those little learnings and steps that made this journey of childhood to being an adult so beautiful. Thank you!!!

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All set to Explore India. Come on, here are some six don’ts to keep in mind!!

This is how my girls travel light… 🙂

20160324_223854Don’t cram in too much: Travelling can be a treat to the senses and therefore, it’s important to enjoy each place before you move to another destination. Though, it’s tempting to fit in a lot of places within a short span of time, it can be quite overwhelming. On a long vacation, try to avoid too many consecutive travel days in your itinerary and spend some peaceful time in the given city.

Don’t over-plan: Even the best laid plans can go awry: trains may be delayed, traffic, may be bad and hotels may not look the way they did in the brochure which happens most of the time. Thanks to the “photography tricks”. The key lies in going with the flow; however do not leave everything to chance. In peak travel periods, hotels fill u, flights are expensive and train availability is difficult, in-fact almost impossible. So make advance reservations and arrangements.

Don’t go the ordinary way: Just don’t go with the fixed list of things to see and do. Always be flexible and let the destination surprise you. Travel guide books and pre-packaged itinerary aside, India has a lot to offer in terms of the spontaneous, the magical and the bizarre. For instance, a local market can tell and offer you more than the local sight-seeing places. Off seasons can be better-off to enjoy the place without making much hole in your pocket.

Don’t be a messy tourist: I have often seen our foreign tourists being in their most courteous behavior when travelling to our country. Do not treat national parks and mountain regions like your private picnic spots. At public places, avoid listening to loud music, making growling noises or throwing litter around. Garbage is a major problem in India, so don’t be a part of this problem.

Don’t annoy the locals: Taking photographs of locals without seeking their permission is considered rude in some cultures. For example, in Ladakh the young lamas can get very irritated, if you click their pictures without consent. Familiarize yourself with the local customs; do not hurt people’s sensibilities, especially villagers by your lack of knowledge.

At times, there will be traffic jams, delays, roadblocks, for no conceivable reasons, so if things don’t go your way, learn it to take it in your stride. For most travelers, India can be a great life lesson.

Travel Safe:

  • Drink bottled water only. Unlike other countries, tap water in India is not potable.
  • Avoid long distance car travel during monsoon season. Floods, landslides are common in many parts of India, which can double the travel time or leave you stranded.
  • Don’t forget the altitude!! Being adventurous is a good thing but take it in your best advantage. While travelling to places like Ladakh, do not start trekking on the very first day, give yourself enough time to acclimatized, to avoid altitude sickness.
  • Don’t hire guides without checking their ID first.
  • Some travel pouch necessities: Insect repellant, mosquito cream, soap strips, facial wipes, and necessary medicines for journey sickness.

Do share your travel experiences. Happy Travelling… 🙂

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