Looking forward- Trending 2017

2017 is just knocking at our doors and it’s about time to be ready for all the latest trends that will be vogue this year… This blog piece will cover two trends – Fitness and Food.


Yoga in Full bloom

Rooted in ancient tradition, yoga will continue to remain a part of the exercise routine for all fitness and wellness enthusiasts. With so many styles and methods- from Power Yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Kundalini, Sivananda- Yoga never lets you get bored and is the perfect regimen when you hit a plateau.

Older Adults get livelier, fitter

The fitness industry is increasingly focussing on older adults to help them enhance their quality of life and pursue their interests. Senior citizens and retirees, who have a good amount of time and can dole out cash, do not mind diverting all their energy towards fitness or wellness classes. Apart from the traditional laughing clubs that are growing in popularity, there are different activities designed specifically to keep the 60-plus age group in mind.

Marathons, Triathlons

Touring for sporting events is the new fitness fad. It isn’t just seasoned athletes who are running marathons in different parts of the world; even average runners – along with their friends and family members- who are now chasing marathons and triathlons. From Lunchtime sweat sessions to trading Saturday night cocktails for early morning runs, an increasing no. of people are preferring social time to log training miles.


Indian street food going global


It’s the turn of paranthas, tikkas, gol gappas and chaats to be the main course globally. Teppanyakis and stir fries, popular street food the world over, will make way for tawas and Kadhais. Expect variety of dosas, chelas, burgers with spicy Indian patties and fries in place of quesadillas and pizzas too while Indian sherbets will be the flavour of the season!

Expect anything from gulukand cupcakes and mithai jars to a famous French desert giant selling mishit doi and mango lassi.

Super Bowls

Meals that pack a punch, conveniently tucked into portable bowls, are becoming the new “food” in both restaurants and grocery stores. They are nutritious and can incorporate protein, whole grains, vegetables and delicious sauces into one dish. Super bowls are versatile, and easy to cook to.

Sriracha will get even hotter


Sriracha ( A hot sauce from Thailand made from a paste of chilli peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt) will be increasingly used by chefs as one of the top ingredients and served in chain restaurants around the world. Other hot ethic flavours would be ghost pepper, sambal from Southeast Asia, gochujang from Korea, and harissa, sumac and dukka from North Africa.

Stay tuned for more trends in the next post… keep watching this space.