How about gifting an experience?

A nice quirky coffee mug with a latest photograph planted on it, may be a cool gift, but what if you paid for a class on coffee-making or a quad biking experience for a biker friend? In a world of abundance, gifting an experience would be far more memorable. What say?

The wedding season demands something different this time, you best friend’s birthday gift need to be special. Ditch the boring perfume-watch-designer bag routine-sunglasses; instead present your loved ones with the experience they will cherish for years. Give the traditional concept of gifting, a heart-warming makeover.

In an age where people hardly find time to pamper themselves, what could be better than gifting an experience and letting your loved ones indulge in their passion? My friend in US was being gifted a “Dive with sharks”, well that would freak us out, but yes try something out of the box, not to an extent that the box needs the “fitment”…. 🙂

Your Experiential Gifting Guide:

Sports and adventure: Enrolment in a sports club, badminton coaching, bunjee jumping, diving course certification, driving course, ice-skating, cycling tours.

Wellness and beauty: Spa treatment (this will always be welcomed), Czech beer rejuvenation, foot reflexology, salon haircuts and styling, holistic health packages, make-over trials.

Culture and entertainment: Learning ethnic painting, movie/theatre/musical tickets, blogging workshops, fashion exhibition tickets, photography, and home décor workshops.

Gourmet: Fine dining, wine tasting, beer appreciation, cocktail-making session, Thai cooking holiday, cake-baking, multi-cuisine meals.

You can add much more to this basket according to your choices. Experiential gifting promises that your effort and choice will be well-received.

Experiences stay much longer in a person’s memory. There is nothing like trying your hands on something new, especially if you get a chance to meet new people, be active a have a few laughs.

So get on to exploring your loved ones passion and make their BIG day a real “BIG” one… 🙂

That needs a mention that my birthday too is knocking at your doors very soon- and I would love to hear from you for my RedCandy… your suggestions, comments and anything that you want me to write on…


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