Watch it!! You are the message you convey!!

What and how you convey about yourself to the rest of the world influences perceptions and the ultimate reality about you.

A great respect comes for people especially leaders who manage without any effort to execute a total change in public perception, leading it to a more positive and winning zones. It requires immense courage to look at you from an outside perspective, have the gumption to work on negatives; to actively project the positives and finally emerge a winner by winning a million hearts. Cultivate a persona and sense of mystique that keeps you seductively enveloped and newsworthy, not to please people but to be remembered as a person who made a difference. (With this I can’t help but to remember and embrace my mentor, a true leader, and an incredible human being- Srikanth Sir…)

We all are driven by an enormous amount of expectations/pressures that is thrown on us every-day which commands our behavior. A leader wears that crown willingly of making his/her organization profitable but the ability to neatly demonstrate the value of the most humane tenets of leadership – having the fortitude to smash targets while being sensitive towards the needs of people helping him/her smash those targets, is what leaves an indelible impression and that is when your message is conveyed about who you truly are.

By being well-aware of our own-selves, our triggers and aspirations, we can project the image we wish the world to see. Far from allowing yourself to be pulled down by jibes and criticism, use them as the springboard to improve and catapult to greater heights. What others say about us becomes irrelevant in the face of the confident foot we set forward and our self-belief.

Some of the best lessons learnt from some best people in my life:

Always recognize everyone
Right from the CEO of the company, to the junior-most employee, everyone, and everyone, is good at something.

Earn it

Earn, instead of commanding, respect. Do this by being sensitive to the needs of your employees, and explaining your decisions to your juniors to ensure they know the context in which you are operating in. This will allow them to identify with your thinking and make it easy for them to accept and internalize the work given.

Some “team” time:

A secret to a happy team to relate to your thinking is by sharing small, personal chats with them. Every Monday morning, gather for five minutes to discuss what you did over the weekend – even if it only involved sleeping for 18 hours over 1 day (right, Yukti?)

Admit your mistakes
Admitting your mistakes only makes you more human, along with giving you a newfound appreciation of the nuances of what you do and the importance of being more careful in the future.

Working with Srikanth sir and some great leaders, with time, I have learnt that it is not difficult to be a great leader – but all that depends on your definition of greatness. It is one thing to be great by fulfilling targets and boosting company revenue, but another to be highly regarded by your colleagues. The latter can only come if you focus on the more humane side, which emphasizes on you being honest and sensitive towards others.

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  1. Yes yes yes Nidhi! Those few minutes of discussion really gave me kick to start of my day 🙂
    And an excellent mention of our great leader Srikanth Sir 🙂
    I think this is the same blog you were to publish we discussed some time back?

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