Not another Brick- Frame it right with memories and art!

Ever since we moved to our new place, decorating the new home was the most exciting yet challenging task with your parents wanting to have some simple sober white walls vs your choice of doing up some funky art, Moroccan pottery, photo frames and molding. So how to come out with a common way that raises the sophistication index quite a few notches higher instantly and not giving your parents reasons to reject your creative ideas.

With a little bit of imagination, walls can be your display pride. Use framed photographs, contemporary wall art, wall stickers and your space will be transformed. It is probably because of rising demand that every online furnishing store will give you ample options in their wall stickers, night glows or decal section to choose from. An exotic Moroccan rug on the entrance wall can be warm and inviting. Wall artwork is simple; you could use old cutlery, vintage photographs and letters, and maps that can be transformed into beautiful wall art or collage.


Redefine a wall corner with travel mementos collected over the years.

If you love mirrors, collect five mirrors in different shapes and sizes and hang them in one corner wall. Flaunt your trophies and passion on the wall. Vintage beer advertising framed, your golf skills nicely clicked, that bungee jump that is etched in your memory forever, clocks, fine art… you get the picture… πŸ™‚


Frame it right with memories and art

When you do up the walls, they key is arrangement. Hunt for treasures. Look for old windows that can be turned into picture frames. The trick lies in being creative and innovative with what you do. Let it be your signature style of how you define your personality.

moroccon-pottery moroccon-pottery-1

If you love collecting Moroccan pottery, decorate your collection on wall.

Happy Decor… πŸ™‚

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