Give that “Goa” trip a new spiritual twist

Chakra dancingChakra dancing and singing for inner peace at a healing retreat in Goa.

Youngsters are flocking to hippy-chic, soul nourishing wellness festivals to find inner peace. The quest to de-stress at physical, emotional and spiritual levels is high for this generation that’s overworked, stressed and anxiety-ridden. Such is the demand for soul nourishment that these open-air festivals are giving rock fests a run for their money. From acroyoga, acrobatics, Thai massages to divine singing and chakra dancing, tai chi, cuddle therapy, ecstatic dancing, glitter shows- healing the mind retreats are also getting creative to attract youngsters from across the globe.

There is a focus on bonding, relaxation and healing. You meditate and relax with complete strangers, pick smiles and make eye contact. People experience a variety of things and go back rejuvenated.

Gong Shower: There’s a 5 minute relaxation session where the recipient sits upright, the gong (ancient healing instrument)is held by hand and played all around the body; followed by a 10 minute relaxation session where the gong is on a stand but travels vertically up and down the spine of the recipient.

Cuddle Therapy/ Llama hugging: Cuddle sessions highlight the power of the hug. The llamas are a pet for therapy, hugging them relieves you of the emotional fear and keeps those blues away.

Llama therapy

Glitter full moon meditation and shower: You feel powered by the energy of the full moon, bathe in the moon’s glitter and sparkle at this fest.

Lantern meditation: Revellers armed with lanterns symbolically light the sky with their highest hopes, deepest regrets and fondest dreams. Lanterns symbolize good fortune and celebrate the life of a loved one. Music and dancing follows.

Lantern festival at Lanna meditation centre.

Spiritual massage: This massage isn’t just about physically revealing pain, but self- healing and empowerment. Chakra massaging removes blockages and barriers stored within the body’s energy system and auric field.

Chakra dancing: This is a creative meditation in the form of dancing. It balances the natural flow of energy or chi. This dance involves slow motion body work and follows free body movements. Indian rhythms, chants, Latin jazz beats etc. are used.

Are you up for the dong shower? 🙂

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  1. Goa is already planned!!! Thanks for giving us ample of information..which is going to be very beneficial for me..delight to read..good job Nidhi☺️💝

  2. Fantastic new options for a Goa vacation… the state government can sell these options to tourists other than just a party destination.

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