Friendship: The first place where you can knock….

Young adult friends hugging on a sunset at the sea

In 1935, the U.S. Congress declared the first Sunday in August a holiday to honor friendship. To celebrate this occasion I want to honor all my friends —when I count the friends who grace my life, I am in awe.

I consider my friends to be ‘family of choice’. I am a rich woman whose friends are among her treasures.

A few weeks ago, when I was thinking of her, her phone ‘called me’ inadvertently. We laughed about that. Don’t you love when that happens? (Shivani…:))

Friendship—It is one of the most beautiful & amazing relationship. Where you may be miles apart, where you may not talk for months, but when you talk, when you meet, It seems like you were never away (Aru, Prerna…:)) Friendship, where there are no formalities, No excuses, No complaints, No explanations.

We all have those friends who has textured the fabric of years together that has fashioned a solid friendship through the weaving of loving, grieving, dinners, parties, long drives, ideas, failures, setbacks, and endless conversations about jobs, marriage, food, books, the news, and music. Vacationed and raced the bikes together, swapped jokes, struggled with learning the latest technology, lamented your aches and pains, discussed heart breaks and what not, you have done it all with them.

But, no matter the topic or occasion you can bet on one thing: They will be there to listen — about your endless talks on trials, successes, dreams, and careers. We all have that one friend when during those overwhelming moments, we shake our heads, wonder how this all could be, and after a mindful silence move to something easier to chat about, easier to weave into the fabric.

This beautiful bond helps make the world a little safer. The need for friendship is woven into our genes. The key, say the experts, is reciprocity and nurturance. The golden rule is to be the friend you would like to have. To make this happen, carve out time for each other. Make it a priority.

Your schedules, commitments and duties might make for a long stretch between getting together, maybe three or four weeks or longer. But it should always be on the mutual agendas. Friendship is a living organism that needs to be nurtured.

Email, text, send a card, go for lunch, instant message, take a walk together, or give a call. How you do it doesn’t really matter, but doing it is important.

Which reminds me — Richa, are you free on the 13th?

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6 thoughts on “Friendship: The first place where you can knock….”

  1. Happiness is having friends..who are crazy!!! They are the best part of or LIFE..they are the one who know us IN & OUT.. great work Nidhi💝

  2. Hi Dear !!!

    Reading your post for first time.

    Indeed Friendship could be sustained on one condition only when you knock your friends when you feel the emotional support of someone other than relatives and after parents only….please don’t mind on that.

    Best Regards

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