Harness the power of your thoughts- Once you learn to do it, that’s it!!

One of the biggest gifts is within our reach. To achieve it, all we have to is to open our mental eyes and behold the treasure house within us. Imagine to not fulfilling the potential of our own mind, it’s like spending a quarter of your life craving for something, only to realize that it was always been with you, in a package that we did not care to open. Such is the power of your mind, which holds with it all the possibilities one can imagine.

Many people are closed off to their own potential because they do not know this storehouse of infinite intelligence within them. Whatever you want, you can draw it forth. It just requires getting a singular focus of what you intend to do with that fearsome power, once unleashed.

Mark twain on many occasions has confided to the world that he never worked in his life. All his great writings and humor were his ability to tap the boundless reservoir of his own mind.

At the age of 14, self-help guru and guide Dr. Wayne Dyer, affirmed himself that he would be on Steve Allen’s “The tonight show” one day. Two decades later, when he actually was, he realized how he created that moment for himself with the “powerful knowing” he had in his teen. It wasn’t a dream or something he wished for, it was a definite intention he was aware of, which created the future moment for him. He believed that by living this “future moment”, he activated the dormant forces that transformed his dream to reality.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, developmental Biologist, explains the phenomena, he states that with the help of our beliefs, we can manipulate the way cells read our genes and DNA. The mind’s function is to create coherence between dreams and reality. If we believe something positive or negative, the mind creates that reality for us.

Interestingly, most people do not realize that the mind can only think thoughts we allow it to. Thoughts are a powerful tool that travel within to our subconscious levels and influence our behavior. The real challenge lies in unravelling the gift of mind and then harnessing the force, thus unleashed. Constantly plant positive thoughts and weed out the unwanted and negative stuff, breathe easy and It’s not going to take long to realize how easy this is to practice.

This always works for me. Try it out: When upset, identify the cause and tell your mind to put off thinking about the issue for some time. Meanwhile indulge in happy thoughts in a disciplined manner, rooting out negativity from your mind. By the time you get to refocus on your problem, your mind will be a happier place, and the issue, less threatening. Do Not demand things or force it to happen, this only create conflicts with your mind. Natural sincerity, gentleness and supportiveness are the best ways to ensure that our mind bridges the gap between our thoughts and reality.

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  1. Dear Nidhi ,
    Thanks for spreading your thoughts in wonderful way it will help many to understand the beauty of life .Its always our positivity that helps our mind to be stable and keep us strong .

    Keep up the good work dear 🙂 Cheerz

    Stay blessed 🙂

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