Who is your best teacher? Mine is Travel…

IMG-20160714-WA0005There is no discounting that you learn some of the most important skills in the classroom but the lessons you learn about life when you leave your comfort zone and step into the unknown are incomparable. Travel teaches you some of the best lessons of life.

Trust your intuition

If you travel on your own (by not opting for no-sweat group tours that have everything planned for you), you are likely to tackle situations where you have to make a choice or a decision immediately. No amount of research or preparedness can come to your rescue. But on the bright side, discovering things on your own, like what’s the cheapest way to get from Point A to point B, how much you should trust your instinct when talking to a stranger, how much to spend each day etc. all go a long way to smarten you up. When you are in another country all together, you feel less judged and more courageous too.

You don’t have to shell out a bomb to travel

Yes, anybody can travel. If you decide to religiously save a certain amount from your paycheck, you can easily save a good amount for a good trip. And a trip doesn’t mean that you have to book a ridiculously expensive hotel. You can stay with a local or a decent accommodation, work along the way, eat simple food, take public transport etc. and stick to your budget. There are many simple tricks to minimize your spending.

Accept, Accept and Accept

Don’t you like making plans and hope life turns out exactly that way? When you are travelling around the world, things often go wrong, but you have to keep calm, be flexible and learn to roll with the punches. In hindsight, unexpected events teaches you acceptance. Travel is the best way to expose you to uncertainty.

Age is just a number

You are never too old to love your travelling and backpacking dreams. When you hit your 60s or 70s, you are often in a better financial position and can travel stress-free.

All Things Romantic

Every single time I have traveled, I have discovered romance in me. It has nothing to do with falling in love with a person. It is about discovering and romancing a whole new side of you that you have just discovered. As a tourist, you enjoy the beauty of simple, everyday life. You become aware of the wonderful things nature has to offer.

The world isn’t a bad place to live in

While it is important to take basic precautions while travelling, but you learn to trust people and your faith in humanity increases. Travel helps you get rid of race, religion and cultural stereotypes. When you travel, you realize that people, all over the world, are not very different- though they may do things differently.

Your management skills improve

Planning a travel is like a crash course in better management. Whether you are planning a trip with friends or going solo, a lot of planning and coordination are required starting to take an approval from your boss for that week off ( :P)  to book your tickets, find the best budgeted places to stay etc.

Reasons travel is better than ever before

Good Roads:

The betterment of roads and infrastructure, with every passing year, is a sign of global prosperity. The biggest plus point? Now, there are actually roads to places that were inaccessible. This means there are many more holidaying spots than ever before.

The miracle called ‘Mapping’

On my recent visit to Sikkim, fortunately with mapping applications and GPS, We could explore more than what was planned. It is possible to know the right route in few seconds.

More choice, information

With so many more airlines, routes, destinations, flight times and connecting cities to choose from, you can easily escape the most heavily-trafficked airports while actually getting closer to your preferred destination. Moreover, you can find the cheapest hotel to stay in, the nearest gas station, shopping areas around your location, weather conditions, currency exchange rate- all of this and much more in a jiffy. This has brought a massive change in attitude. People are more confident of travel today.

So materialize that travel plan that has been in your bucket list for long… 🙂






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