Let’s explore the Latest food fads….

How about poutine for starters? Poutine is a Canadian import, and in its purest form, chips, gravy and cheese curds.


Shakshuka for breakfast? Shakshuka may be at the apex of eggs-for-dinner recipes, In Israel it is a breakfast food, a bright, spicy start to the day, a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions with pita or bread served on the side. shakshuka-superJumbo-v2







Or should you go Global or local, with the menu? Here are some ideas from my personal experience.  Today, the powers of the culinary endeavors are the latest fad. As pottering around the pots and pans becomes increasingly fashionable, let’s take a look at the food trends that are jazzing up out there.

Go Fresh

Use of vital ingredients play a vital role. People like to get served the most exotic varieties  of fresh food, and if it hand-picked basil, oregano or asparagus, grown at the kitchen window sills in the swankiest of the pots, people will envy you.  I did, when I saw at a friend’s place. So go ahead and appreciate them for their efforts. It is not easy. 🙂 veggratin restaurant-food-presentation-ideas-vertical







Flavorful Punch Did you experience that punch in your mocktail the last time? The trend now is to serve some of the most unusual and exotic flavors in different formats. Fresh fruit juice is now preserved with apple cider vinegar and for the flavor, some sugar is added. My friend who relishes seafood loved the pan-fried scallops, served in white wine with lemon. Unusual flavors make the menu more interesting.








The Visual appeal

Presentation is the key to a meal’s success. Were you bowled over the presentation of your favorite meal? Along with preparing unusual delicacies, people are keen to serve them in style. Did you dig into your rice and chicken in a pineapple base? Or your favorite maggi struggling to come out of a cutlet?  There are restaurants that are serving their entire menu- in an extremely stylish manner to create that extra delight to the entire dining experience. The presentation that takes guests by surprise is the hero of that particular rendezvous. 🙂

Maggi Cutlets cake 10-best-party-snacks-9_625x350_61438343990 rice and chicken

Elegance rules

Whether it is quirky fusion cuisine or a classic, simple menu, elan of your culinary expressions still rules supreme at a gathering. Be creative, be elegant. 🙂

FOR:COIMBATORE 16/05/2012: Asian cuisine at the Ponzu restaurant at Le Meridien, Coimbatore Photo:HANDOUT_E_MAIL.

cake 1


When in dilemma, Go local

Food trends keep changing but one thing that never fails to impact the foodie’s palate is the timeless appeal of the classic local cuisine. That appeal of rajma chawal, kadhi chwal, biryani still makes people drool as much as a perfectly-assembled sushi platter. The real magic lies in serving traditional delicacies in an avant-garde manner.

Biryani Rajma-Chawal


I am hungry after writing this. Go grab those delicacies served in style. 🙂

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Mahima Bhatia 


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The Power of Eureka!!!

DSC_0422 DSCN8563 IMG_2152

What best brings out your wild, gypsy side? Being in touch with your deeply passionate, creative side imparts a touch of magic to an ordinary life.  Weave in “Wow” moments on a daily basis by not leaving your happiness to chance.

We all have a gypsy within us, which is unleashed in the company of good music, romantic full moon lights, crackling bonfires, a walk in the hills, delectable food, cooking for your loved ones and off-course-the right company. It is then the blood surges through the veins in a musical symphony and we sway to the song of the soul.

Do you recognize this feeling? There are times all of us feel the power of the life force within us, Creative urges flow best, our senses are heightened and all faculties sharpened. It is then that everything else is incidental and life becomes a seducing one to walk a bit on the wild side. It is then that you may sing in abandon, walk with a delicious swagger or dance with the wild.

Each one of us has that in us, the wild one who preps out at times but is quickly shattered, reined in by societal norms and recriminations. But in that instant, you have been introduced to your raw, natural and powerful side, which is the wellspring of passion and creativity.

It will be worthwhile to consider what brings out your wild, raw side. Is it cajoled out by music? By the heaving emotions aroused by the monsoon? The high induced by alcohol? The sensations aroused by romance? Fragrance of a flower? Or just the presence of that special person? Whatever it is, cherish the source, because it allows you an opportunity to meet your own self, deep down as you are…

Everyday Serendipity

Today we don’t need life-changing discoveries. Finding personal inspirations to discover the self is a Eureka moment. The key is repetition. Take time every day to repeat some happy moments. You meet your Eureka moments by doing new things and indulge in the unknowable essence that exists. My Eureka moment could be having a hot steaming cup of my favorite coffee. Sometime, when I’m overwhelmed, I focus just 10 minutes on tidying my messy handbag/drawer. I know it sounds silly, but that’s when I get great insights. 🙂

Savor moments, be it small or big. Sometimes, vising Nature in all her wilderness, the midst of unimagined natural beauty, have you not experienced total awe and a kind of magical wonder? When you throb with the beauty of the experience, you get to understand your own unique strength and creativity.

The life answers or intuitions you get while enjoying little things will further expand your life path. These moments redirect your life compass and prompt you to make small or big changes in your life, which may help you mend broken relationships, motivate you to find a new job, get a professional high in your existing job or find a new hobby…. The list is endless.

Regain your life. There are times when you find yourself stuck in a cycle of doom. It’s okay to give time to yourself, break down if that gives you peace but Instead of giving up, you must take charge of your happiness all over again.

Create joy on a regular basis. Unleash that inner “Eureka” moment. That should be the mantra for the days/months and years to come. Cheers!!!


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