Go, get a life Mom!!!

IMG-20140511-WA0002From a disciplinarian to a guru and a friend and YES a MOM- a mother’s journey is a fascinating tale of evolution.

From her first visit in the early morning to your room to just make sure that you get an extra hour of sleep really well to the last goodnight hug, a mom does it all without demand of a break. 🙂

It makes me feel so proud today to see myself as a confident young woman just as I would say a reflection of my mom, which I have always found besides me as I grew and flourished through the years and much more to come. This moment has also brought back memories of all the lessons I learnt along the way through her. I realize that most of these were actually learnt in my childhood, mostly through examples set by my parents. The values that they instilled in my formative years gave me the foundation on which I try to live my life even today. Our parents are possibly the first adults, who we wish to emulate. We want to dress like our mothers, deal with people like our fathers and have a relationship like theirs. We grow up looking for a man who can stand tall with our father. And that is why we need parents who are strong, rooted and loving, all rolled into one. I was lucky enough to have a childhood and still today, which gave me all that. While my father did all that he could to raise us as responsible and sorted adults, my mother, a working mother, added value to the job.

Growing up with a mom who works meant a lot of things to be learnt right in the childhood. While a working mother meant less family time, we learned to make the most of the things and live in the moment.

It was always so good to see my family that supported a woman to adopt a profession that is driven by her own inner-compulsions- a need to seek fulfillment.

The core of every mom will always remain the same but no longer does a woman’s world revolve around just home and family. In seeking the best for her child in a competitive world that throws up numerous choices, she steps into new territories. Armed with confidence, she not only nurtures her kids better, but also gets on in her individual journey satisfactorily. Along with the rest of the world, mothers too have discovered their individuality and seek ways to enhance it. Today, the mothers have kept an open mind to the learning process; the mother-child duo has grown into a strong unit, the most beautiful relationship in the world. A mother’s natural emotional bonding and maternal instincts have kept her closely linked to the changing needs and preferences of the New-age child. It is when the mother is still rooted deeply in her role as a homemaker; it is on us to make build her own parallel journey- discovering, understanding and finding herself. As she learns and becomes the repository of new information, she would carry that rare mix of knowledge and learning that as a conduit for her role as a mother, it will passed on to you tempered with caution and grounding that will be cherished for life. Mom, it is all those little learnings and steps that made this journey of childhood to being an adult so beautiful. Thank you!!!

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