All set to Explore India. Come on, here are some six don’ts to keep in mind!!

This is how my girls travel light… 🙂

20160324_223854Don’t cram in too much: Travelling can be a treat to the senses and therefore, it’s important to enjoy each place before you move to another destination. Though, it’s tempting to fit in a lot of places within a short span of time, it can be quite overwhelming. On a long vacation, try to avoid too many consecutive travel days in your itinerary and spend some peaceful time in the given city.

Don’t over-plan: Even the best laid plans can go awry: trains may be delayed, traffic, may be bad and hotels may not look the way they did in the brochure which happens most of the time. Thanks to the “photography tricks”. The key lies in going with the flow; however do not leave everything to chance. In peak travel periods, hotels fill u, flights are expensive and train availability is difficult, in-fact almost impossible. So make advance reservations and arrangements.

Don’t go the ordinary way: Just don’t go with the fixed list of things to see and do. Always be flexible and let the destination surprise you. Travel guide books and pre-packaged itinerary aside, India has a lot to offer in terms of the spontaneous, the magical and the bizarre. For instance, a local market can tell and offer you more than the local sight-seeing places. Off seasons can be better-off to enjoy the place without making much hole in your pocket.

Don’t be a messy tourist: I have often seen our foreign tourists being in their most courteous behavior when travelling to our country. Do not treat national parks and mountain regions like your private picnic spots. At public places, avoid listening to loud music, making growling noises or throwing litter around. Garbage is a major problem in India, so don’t be a part of this problem.

Don’t annoy the locals: Taking photographs of locals without seeking their permission is considered rude in some cultures. For example, in Ladakh the young lamas can get very irritated, if you click their pictures without consent. Familiarize yourself with the local customs; do not hurt people’s sensibilities, especially villagers by your lack of knowledge.

At times, there will be traffic jams, delays, roadblocks, for no conceivable reasons, so if things don’t go your way, learn it to take it in your stride. For most travelers, India can be a great life lesson.

Travel Safe:

  • Drink bottled water only. Unlike other countries, tap water in India is not potable.
  • Avoid long distance car travel during monsoon season. Floods, landslides are common in many parts of India, which can double the travel time or leave you stranded.
  • Don’t forget the altitude!! Being adventurous is a good thing but take it in your best advantage. While travelling to places like Ladakh, do not start trekking on the very first day, give yourself enough time to acclimatized, to avoid altitude sickness.
  • Don’t hire guides without checking their ID first.
  • Some travel pouch necessities: Insect repellant, mosquito cream, soap strips, facial wipes, and necessary medicines for journey sickness.

Do share your travel experiences. Happy Travelling… 🙂

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Wonderful Nidhi.. Most of us can relate this to our mom’s do’s n Dont’s as well… Just a suggestion, pls see if you can change the background of block as the dark cakes makes reading difficult.. 🙂 All the best !!

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