A good book is like a Lifetime Romance…


Are you often asked to recommend a good book? Isn’t it something more of a personal experience or a matter of choice? I myself got introduced with some books which had life-changing lessons to be learned but that was something of my own choice, though backed by recommendation.

An intense engagement with a book is no less than a passionate affair, it engages mind and emotions and distracts one from all else for the time it lasts. And when finished, it leaves you with loads of thoughts, sense of achievement and a big smile. Of course not every book can leave that impact but many do, where the author has been as intensely involved in writing as you in reading. When in the middle of my book, I tend to carry it everywhere with me, it’s like I can’t let it go even if I don’t have time to read it. Its presence only is so comforting accompanied with a promise of a good reading time ahead.

Inexplicably, if someone opens the book to where I am reading, it’s annoying as if someone has eavesdropped in a private conversation. This can be explained as I have a habit of marking passages and writing my thoughts down as I read along. When I read a good thought or a beautifully constructed sentence, I like to keep down my book and savor the thought for quite some time, as it is done with your favorite food, to deliciously slide down the throat, and then enjoy a while with the aftertaste.

After a good book ends, I possible cannot start with a new one for some time. At times, the Impression left behind lingers so intensely that I need to treat it with few quick reads, the kind that is more interesting and mindless rather than engaging and mindful.

It pains me to find out that reading habit is dying out. I would urge the more younger lot (Younger than me) to inculcate the habit of reading for all the conventional reasons- Reading makes you smarter, you gain more knowledge and perspective, improves vocabulary and writing skills, helps analytical thinking, is therapeutic, improves memory and reduces stress. But I also want them to read for the very reasons one enjoys it. . I want them to feel the indulgence, the pleasure and the expansion of mind that a good read brings.

Also, stop borrowing guys, Build your own collection and enjoy their presence. It’s the best feeling that cannot be described. Truly said, they will remain your best friends forever and are an instant mood lifter. An old book brings back so much memory that takes you to a ride in the past, which I am sure you would relish re-living.


Thanks for Reading!!!


4 thoughts on “A good book is like a Lifetime Romance…”

  1. The part where it states that you can’t keep the book away from you when in the middle of it, no matter you got time to read it or not- just clicked me! Thank you for a lovely piece of advice through this blog 🙂

  2. For me Reading is dreaming with open eyes. I could relate well with your article.
    Enjoyed reading every bit… Thanks

    Very well composed Nidhi…

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