Let’s explore the online food photo sharing craze!!!


  • When was the last time you had long overdue reunion with your friends or a family get-together. Dine-outs are a new way of bonding, but they aren’t enough for food lovers to share their meals with, they want the whole world to know what they are eating or about to eat. The urge to do a “check-in” to your favorite restaurant or for that matter even breakfast at “Murthal dhaba” is on a rise.

    Do you always tuck into that enticing appetizer immediately after the waiter brings it to your table or whip out your smartphone to quickly snap its picture first? If you love food, chances are that you will be clicking your grub.

    If you are what you eat, then people today love to share their true selves to the world by photographing and sharing practically every good-looking meal they try. Today, Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with collages of exotic locales, cocktails, rich deserts that have been snapped up on myriad trips. They feel this to be a good way to connect to their set of “social” friends instead of plain written updates more so when they try an unusual local dish.

    Documenting what you eat tells a lot about who you are- your habits, personality, preferences, mood and culinary tastes. What you eat is just as much a distinguishing personal characteristic as how you dress or what kind of music you listen to. Food is just as much about visuals as it is about taste and aroma. The current explosion of this trend among Indian has many triggers. I see social media platforms flooded with hashtags #Foodporn #Loveforfood #Loveatfirstsight occupying maximum space in an update filled with happiness of drooling to that favorite dish ordered.

    My all-time favorite reality cooking show “Masterchef Australia” gives some serious reasons to try all those extremely beautiful looking deserts, they are truly an inspiration to the average viewers the infinite combinations one can put on a plate. Indian restaurants are paying more attention to presentation and experimenting with various cuisines. Adding to that are the smartphones which are a boon to those savvy foodies who want to share their culinary discoveries. Then, of course, is the high of bragging about how decadently or healthily you eat or should eat!! But don’t be too click-happy, too much of good thing is also bad, even if it’s great food.

    Some tips for shooting your “favorites”

    • Angle the camera or your smartphone lens in different ways; use to make your photograph look spectacular by depicting various layers of the dish.
    • Do not crop out that amazing cutlery that will make the hot a whole lot interesting.
    • Make good use of photo-editing tools. Tweaking the color contrast, sharpness, brightness and saturation can turn a plain image of a dish into a visual must-have-now delight.
    • With experience, I have learnt to avoid flash, if you find yourself clicking your candle-light dinner mains, position the camera in such a way that there no shadows or dark spots.
    • Work with dishes that have photo-friendly colors like various shades of red, green, yellow, orange and violets.

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  1. Taking pictures of what we are eating also makes us ‘mindful’ of our food and eating habits! Thanks for the picture taking tips!

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