Do not be caught up in the post- vacation mess- Plan it!!

So remember the days leading up to your vacation? Two- weeks to go, A week to go and so on… Waking up to get ready for office, Monday’s, the usual commute to work, Never-ending deadlines, the to-do lists suddenly seems to be interesting and fun. The anticipation of travel includes obsessive planning, online reviews, looking at places to visit, reading about the culture and food, or simply imagining you to be enjoying at the place makes us happy.

The good thing is that you are back home. They say “People travel to get back home”…

The only problem with a good holiday is that like all good things, it eventually comes to an end. And then follows the dreaded post-vacation blues, dullness, holiday hangover, stress of returning to the pile of work and Lack of motivation. All The happiness that was once kicking within you seems like a far-off memory. But what’s the point of taking out that time to go to that beautiful place, spending a bomb on your vacation and most importantly taking an approval from your boss if it fails to keep you happy even for a week after the trip?

Plan for your vacation: Be stress-free

When your vacation is poorly-planned and stressful, you end-up experiencing ‘zero’ post-trip benefit. Hence, make sure everything is planned, find out in advance about the places to eat local food, best places to visit, to shop, pick up your souvenirs, currency exchange. This would save you to go through the last minute hassles and you’ll return from your trip with more energy, recharged and to take that next stride back at work.

Do not rush to get back to your “routine”

It’s certain that you are obligated to return to work after a good holiday, but that doesn’t mean it all needs to be done right away. Since you’ve missed out on a lot of stuff, an overload of email and yes the social media updates can be stressful. Be conscious of how many hours you would want to be plugged in. Stay away from the mindless internet surfing. Go easy on sharing your travel pictures and statuses, it is important to not become overly engrossed in sharing them, take pictures to weave memories and not to have a continuous eye on that “Like” button.

Pen down your travel- That is the best gift you can give yourself

A well-planned travel is an accomplishment; even you just hung up around the hotel pool, or just visited a friend. Travel has an ability to facilitate personal growth. We are more creative and imaginative when we travel. Carry a journal to note down your ideas. This way your trip gifts you the treasure of things to relish and achieve. So rather than feeling nostalgic and sad past your trip, you have to task to action upon and your ideas and also to re-live the things you write while travelling. A Good read takes you back to that wonderful time spent.

Organize your Photos

While it is difficult to accept to be back to the daily grind, the positive aspect of it is that you are loaded with new memories. Relive the time you spent away, before you forget the rich details of your trip, spare some to unload, organize, edit and share your snaps. These are instant mood lifters and they never fail to bring a big smile.

Live your souvenirs- Flaunt them!!

Let the vibe of your travel surround you, have a smart placement of your souvenirs. Bought yourself fridge magnets, crafty diaries, key-chains or just a pen-stand, use these in your daily life. Got those rustic pair of earrings from Udaipur, or a nice hippie skirt from Goa, wear it!! Wear your memories.

Do not forget to pick up the local masala from the destination and try to cook some exotic dishes at home. I remember picking the “Kehwa” mix, Darjeeling tea bags, butter cookies, dark chocolates, local Tibetan spices and experimenting with them. That feeling is inexplicable. Do try it and do not give air to your parents sating the legendary dialogue of “Sab kuch milta toh hai”. They will relish it even more when they will have the same thing back home. Do acknowledge with a big smile…

Plan the next one

Travel goals definitely make you a focused person. You need to earn your next holiday. Work hard and get yourself a bonus of your next travel. There is always something to look forward to.


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